How to stand out in a post-pandemic world

November 27, 2021 BY

Home offices have become a big selling point following repeated COVID related lockdowns.

Real estate is and will continue to be one of the most lucrative industries in the world, because as long as the world keeps spinning, there will be a need for homes.

The pandemic has shed new light onto the importance of home design and people have taken it upon themselves to make their homes more appealing.

Real estate agencies have also started to take these considerations into play when pitching to clients.


Go where your demographic is

When you’re looking at selling a house, your demographic is likely to be online: people who have access to smartphones are going to be utilising real estate apps.

Taking advantage of the demographic’s propensity for going online, ensuring your real estate agent is employing mobile SEO services in Australia should help with converting audiences into clients.

Be sure no aspect of your online presence is neglected – you should have an online listing, your home should be shared on your real estate agents’ social media accounts and of course on their website and chosen property portals.

Be sure these accounts and websites are active with regular new posts to ensure the community recognises your real estate agent is providing an ongoing service to the community.

Engagement matters highly in the digital landscape of today.


Find out what current trends are

At one point, open-concept was all the rage, but it has slowly been replaced by semi-open trends.

These trends were quickly put to a stop during the pandemic as entire families were forced to stay home for lockdowns and open concepts are notorious for the lack of privacy.

While great for young families with babies and kids under 12, or single individuals, families tend to pivot towards traditional layouts with separate rooms for higher levels of privacy.

Along with blue light glasses and streaming services, home offices are also emerging as a dominant trend for obvious reasons.

When staging your home, keep these trends in mind and stage the home to suit – people will lean towards a home that already bears the features that they want and need.

A functioning kitchen and outdoor nooks will make staying at home all the more welcoming and since COVID-19 is being reclassified as endemic, people will have to adapt and it’s more than likely that the new normal is here to stay indefinitely.


Spruce up your listings by injecting some life

We’re always taught not to judge a book by its cover, but the truth is appearances are everything, especially in the consumerism industry.

A quilt cover can make a world of difference in terms of how cosy a bedroom looks, and you can emphasize this with the right lighting and features.

Windows can really show how dated a property is, so if it’s an older property, you can go for a windows replacement to make it feel newer, because we all love shiny things.

However, if you’re selling a heritage home, it will do well to highlight the era it was built and adding a touch or cleverly concealed modernity because it won’t go unappreciated.