5 Tips To Successfully Host An Outdoor Event

July 29, 2021 BY

Hosting an event is challenging as you need to ensure everyone would have fun. While an indoor setting is one of the most common places to hold an event, hosting outdoors takes everything to a whole new level, so you need to ensure that all things are in the right place. This includes accommodating weather changes, comfortability, and ease of access. 

Moreover, listed below are the tips on how you can successfully host an outdoor event:  


1 – Promote Using Proper Branding

While you may decorate the entire area with banners and tents, it’d be fantastic if you allow everyone to know what the event is all about. By using a printed marquee, you can help promote proper branding within the area by using it as a backdrop for each tent station or as a cover under the sun.

As you use marquees in your event, try to use them with a hint of perfect balance. No one likes to go to an event when the brand name is screaming on their faces, not allowing them to explore what the place has to offer fully. For corporate branding, you can choose to use a company’s main colours or subtly include logos in every item.


2 – Impress With Decorations

With an outdoor event, the whole area is your canvass. You won’t have any walls and ceilings to put your decorations into, allowing you the freedom to be creative. Hence, you need to make your attendees feel they’re in a different world.  

When decorating the venue, create a theme for a seamless look. You can either go for a carnival, corporate, romantic, or fun. Moreover, you should also use a coordinated colour palette that’ll help bring balance and unity within your decorations. Furthermore, you shouldn’t forget to add plenty of banners, tents, covers, standing decorations, archways, balloons, and any decorations that can handle the temperature outside.

3 – Have A Backup Plan

The risk of having an outdoor event is you can never anticipate what might happen to the weather. While the forecast might say it’ll be sunny, there might still be chances of rainfalls. With that, you need to have a backup plan in case of weather mishaps.

Before launching your event, you should consider renting a tent that can accommodate all of your guests and stalls inside. In this way, you can prepare when heavy rain comes. Also, you could look for an alternative indoor venue for a safer and more organized option. However, with intense weather conditions, you should consider rescheduling your event to prioritize everyone’s safety.


4 – Get Generous With Food And Drinks

Hosting an outdoor event can get extremely hot and tiring. To allow them to feel comfortable and stay until the end, you should be generous by providing plenty of food and drinks to consume while roaming around.  

Since you’re promoting activities and interactions during an outdoor event, it’d be ideal if you serve your guests with finger foods that they can easily nibble. Additionally, you should avoid having foods that spoil fast under extreme heat to prevent food waste.  

Apart from easy-to-eat snacks and drinks, you might still want to consider providing your guests with a full lunch or dinner. Just ensure you allot a dedicated area with proper catering for your guests to sit down and enjoy their meals. To reduce costs, you should highly promote the ‘Clean As You Go’ routine to keep the area neat and ready for new guests.  


5 – Eliminate Bug Presence

With an outdoor event, anticipate that you’ll be exposing everyone to mosquitoes, flies, stink bugs, and bees. While you want to ensure that everyone’s safe and having a great time, you should take action to eliminate any presence of these in your event.

You can begin by adding plants and scents that drive insects away. Choose to decorate them creatively so it won’t look like a barrier but as an accent to the area. Additionally, you should keep garbage bins at the farthest end of the area to keep flies away. You could also have electric fans to keep the bugs away while helping to keep your guests cool. It’ll be hitting two birds with one stone.  



Hosting an outdoor event can be challenging, especially that you need to consider plenty of things. Apart from making people comfortable, you also need to have a backup plan if there’s an extreme weather condition you need to take care of. Moreover, the key to success will always be proper preparation. In this way, you can guarantee that you have everything you need for a successful outdoor event.

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