It’s wrapping time

December 21, 2023 BY

Cam O'Keefe saves the last minute Christmas shoppers with this handy list.


This Christmas seems to have hit a high with almost everyone who wants to give, receive and get their merry cheer on.

Snubbing the impending recession and the countless cost of living woes, people seem genuinely happy to be spending their hard earned cash with brightening their loved one’s end of year.

And I don’t blame anyone of course – everyone wants to bring a little happiness and hope where they can right now, so if you’re struggling to find those final gifts, here a couple of quick, easy ones.

Something for the local who doesn’t like venturing too far from their home?

With options galore, the newly refurbed Geelong Arts Centre offers the chance to book any number of performances and artists for the coming three years when you purchase a multiple use voucher. Whether it’s adults, seniors, juniors and anything in between: there’s something for everyone’s taste covered under this roof.

Something for the adventurous/day-tripper types?

I love this one: Port Phillip Ferries do gift vouchers! I took my first ride (finally) from Geelong to Melbourne recently and was impressed: the boats are clean, the service is friendly, and the journey was smooth. Not to mention the views were ace! Trips can also be taken to Portarlington and back.

Something if neither of the above suit?

Well there’s good ol’ Uber Eats. Yes, you read right. Uber E. actually has gift vouchers.… not sure if this is a good thing (or just a rather desperate one) for society, but it may still be a problem solved for some!

Which brings us to the final (and most obvious) present choices for many… Alcohol

As we all well know, alcohol doesn’t always (or even sometimes) solve whatever blues we’re facing. And heck I’m no psychologist. Given the right moments and company though, it can add that extra sparkle to your festive activities. Here a few fun present ideas you might consider suits those that remain ever so difficult to buy for:

Double size the fun

Two bottles of the same wine combined into one?! Also known as a magnum, these 1.5L beauties are available in red, white, rosé, fizz or whatever style your vinous heart desires. Check in with your local wine outlet for their range (or get them to order you in one)


There’s no stopping the G-train and the spirit’s continual growth and popularity amongst drinkers of all ages. I’ve tried Four Pillars’ latest release My New Go-To Gin (love the name!) and it’s all class, packed with peachy and citrus flavours. Jump online to secure yours, as it’s a limited bottle run.

Fun times for the non-alcos

From zero-alcohol beers, to alcohol-removed wines, and even ‘spirits’ that (gasp) don’t actually contain, well, any actual spirit.

Find the last one hard to swallow? Check out the range from Lyre’s Spirit Co. they have everything from premixed classics, to favoured spirits bases, to ‘cocktail’ sets including accessories. Available now at most good wine and booze stores. Locally, try Union Cellars or Winepress, or even Dan Murphys.

And the Uber Eats gift card version of the booze world? Safe to rely on Blackheart & Sparrows (online and Pakington Street). Their range includes everything from stout to sake, port to pinot, or champagne to craft spirits, an all-round easy bet.

Talk about timing, almost all of the above should be particularly of use for those of us who realise they’ve nearly completely missed the boat on timing their Christmas purchases… meaning even late on Christmas Eve some of these online shopping lifelines can help save the day.

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