Meditation is absorption of your awareness and energy in the present moment.

Keep meditation in mind

March 26, 2020 BY

The basis for sound mental health is doing the basics of living well with quality sleep, nutrition and activity.

The existing restrictions mean we must all be creative to safely experience a healthy balance of physical and social activity. However, there is no restriction on mental activity, so to stop negativity and spark the positive qualities of your mind, be playful with daily practices of mindfulness and meditation.


Mindfulness begins with awareness of the world around and your world within and involves carefully choosing what you will give your love and attention to.

  • Activity – walking outside, deeply observe the detail in your surroundings and in objects you find
  • Sensation – gather a number of items from around the home and with eyes closed, feel their different shapes, textures, weight and other sensations on your hands, cheeks and skin
  • Thoughts – think of three or more people and the kind, loving thoughts you wish to send them
  • Emotions – using colours or objects in nature, describe how you feel in the present moment
  • Mindful breathing – shift to nostril breathing and allow a gentle stillness in your chest
  • Connection – co-create a beautiful story with your family, friends or pets about an adventure you dream to share together.


Meditation is absorption of your awareness and energy in the present moment. This may be achieved by focusing the mind on a particular object, intention or activity. Meditation may be practiced solo or with others, and a collective consciousness can be experienced when people in different locations all meditate at the same time on the same intention. Try this simple way to meditate:

  • Choose a quiet space at home or in nature
  • Sit comfortably, close your eyes and begin the mindful breathing practice
  • Allow whatever movements of mind to arise and simply observe with curiosity
  • If you become distracted, return to the present moment by softly smiling and observing your breath
  • Practice for 5-10 minutes at a time and longer when you find yourself in a beautiful meditative state
  • Share with family and friends the time and intention of your meditation (e.g, kindness, gratitude, good health) to connect with them through meditation during this time of physical distancing.

With a simple, fun daily practice of mindfulness and meditation, you will improve your mental health and your ability to experience inner peace in the present moment.

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