San Cisco to make long-awaited return to Torquay

June 10, 2022 BY

After two years navigating cancelled Victorian shows, San Cisco are finally back for their Between You and Me Australian Tour. Photo: TONI WILKINSON

SAN CISCO are back and all grown up, kicking off the Victorian leg of their Between You and Me Australian Tour at the Torquay Hotel this Friday.

It’s been three years since the indie pop band hailing from Western Australia last visited Victoria, having multiple shows delayed and cancelled due to COVID-related challenges.

Their sound, relationships and song writing have all matured since they were last here.

“We definitely feel a lot more like adults now, rather than a bunch of kids on a rollercoaster ride,” lead singer and guitarist Jordi Davieson said.

“Between Josh, Scarlett and I, all of our relationships have matured a lot and I think now we’re the closest we’ve ever been.”

The Fremantle-based band made up of Davieson, drummer/ vocalist Scarlett Stevens and keyboardist/guitarist Josh Biondillo, have been friends for over half their lives.

From teenagers fresh out of high school releasing Awkward, to adults in their late twenties, San Cisco has filled Australian households with their clever, catchy bops for over a decade now.

As they’ve grown their sound has grown with them, translating effortlessly into their latest album, Between You and Me.

“Compared to our other stuff, it’s pretty bandy, a lot of acoustic guitars rather than drenched in synth. We tried to keep this one a bit organic,” Davieson said.

“The song writing is a bit more mature in its structure, and all the songs are still just about relationships, we just took our foot off the gas a little bit and felt it all a bit more.

“I think this record was one of our more collaborative efforts, where we all wrote the songs together and we all supported each other through the whole process, not that that hasn’t felt like that in the past, but it just felt like a real team effort from everybody,” Davieson said.

“When you’re being creative, sometimes you have to step back and be like ‘okay, I trust you, we’ll go with that’.
“When your relationships are good the music just happens and you just have fun.”



And they have had fun. Davieson said despite the turmoil of the past two years, they have made fond memories and grown together, one of his fondest memories with the band even including isolating together between gigs.

“We were living together for five days. The place had a tennis court, and we just had tennis tournaments and we cooked hella good food and all hung out and enjoyed each other’s company with nowhere else to go. We never left the house once, and I reckon that’s one of my fondest memories of us all getting along and having a good time.”

San Cisco, supported by Fremantle artist Banjo Lucia, will play at the Torquay Hotel tomorrow (Friday, June 10), before heading to the Westernport in San Remo and then finishing their Australian tour with two shows at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne.

Davieson said it was a relief to finally be able to play these songs to their Victorian fans to end a fantastic album cycle.

“It will be a bit of closure. It’s been a rough time for everybody. With each show that gets booked and cancelled.

“And now we’re getting back into writing, because it’s been so long since we released that record.

“We’re quite far through the next one and that’s been an even better experience again.”

To book tickets or find out more, head to sancisco.com.