Seasons change for challenge

April 14, 2016 BY

AS NATURE sheds the sustenance of long sunny days and moves deeper into the weather patterns of autumn, the energy of the ocean deepens too with larger tides and bigger swells.
Similarly moving deeper into my 100 Dawns daily meditation and fundraiser for beyondblue, my usual needs for sleep and food have been slowly reducing as the energy of the practice grows and sustains me naturally. Whenever we stay a little longer, go a little deeper, it is inevitable for intimate vulnerabilities to arise.
It can be an uncomfortable feeling and the immediate response to restore comfort is often to stay in the mind and rationalise, justify or explain away the shortcoming of self.
However, even when we’re not sure how to proceed or fearful of what more we may discover, with loving kindness for challenge we can dive into our feelings, ride these deeper wisdom to transform.
A natural sense of humility, trust in the divine and peace in the ocean has been present throughout my pre dawn meditation and water view sunrise. Feel Know how to peel Same as to know love We go by feel Humility: Humility Tranquility The roar beneath the roar Power in grace Warmly embrace The more within the more. Divine Light: Beyond dark grey skies Below turbulent seas Our divine light glows Our deep wisdom knows The love we are, we feel, we be. Zen: Ocean is my elder My child My friend Ocean is my deepest self My light My love My Zen. May your days begin and flow with a natural sense of humility, divine wisdom and peace. To follow Rich’s 100 Dawns daily visit give.everydayhero.com/au/100dawns. Readers following Rich’s challenge can find his next fortnightly update in Times Living.