Chris Wilson.

SURF MUSIC: Farewell Chris Wilson

January 31, 2019 BY

In the words of Paul Kelly, “Chris Wilson has left the building”.

I recall being in the presence of Chris Wilson on two occasions.

George Wilson (Chris’ son), Jasper Jolley (family friend of the Wilsons) and I were hanging out after teaching at the old Waves Studio next door to Modem Surf.

Chris entered the room and everything went silent, the atmosphere lifted like we were on stage or something.

I remember a really friendly, polite and genuine guy. He spoke about the guitars on the walls and enquired about getting a particular model in.

That’s the kind of thing he seemed to like to talk about.

On another occasion, Chris was parked at the front of the studio.

Really loud/heavy blues music pumping as I rolled up.

I attempted to make eye contact, an awkward wave, but his eyes were jammed shut, intense focus.

Completely immersed in it. I pretended like nothing happened and shot up to the studio. That’s how much he seemed to love music.

Chris had his harmonica lessons cancelled at A&B music when he became too ill to teach.

Finnigan August sent portions of his busking money for Chris to buy himself something nice. He ended up continuing to mentor Finnigan up until his passing, he felt there was too much knowledge to share. That’s how much heart he seemed to have.

Finnigan August wrote a song for Chris. You can listen to “Wilson” on his triple J unearthed account. You might also want to check out “Pollyman”, which features Chris’ kids George and Fenn.

Farewell Chris, thank you for conditioning such a special music community for us.