Sussanah’s Boutique opens in Torquay

June 9, 2022 BY

Sussanah's Torquay is at 6/19 Gilbert Street.

Sussanah’s boutique began well over 50 years ago in the small coastal town of Caloundra in Queensland.

The boutique was named after its original owner, Sussanah. It had one other owner and was taken over in 2017 by the present owner Dianne Harris.

Dianne moved back to her home state of Victoria in 2017 and opened Sussanah’s in Sturt Street in Ballarat, which has a huge following, and said she was glad to open Sussanahs Torquay at 6/19 Gilbert Street.

Sussanah’s is an inconic place to shop. Dianne is looking forward to being able to provide a wide variety of brands and styles.

Due to her love of natural fibres, which harks from growing up on a farm outside Echuca, Sussanah’s specialises in clothing that has been created from wool, possum, cotton, linen, bamboo and viscose.

Natural fibres are so lovely to wear as they breath and regulate to your body temperature.

“I have always found that customers enjoy and appreciate the quality of high-class fabrics,” she said.

“Over the years we have found that many of our shoppers like to support Australian-made products.

We have done a great deal of research in this area and as a result we have found a great Australian label, Dianne Frank, which is proudly made in Melbourne.

Sussanah’s specialises in clothing that has been created from wool, possum, cotton, linen, bamboo and viscose.

Domchi, another of our Australian brands, is also designed and made in Australia.

“We highly value our customer feedback and work closely with the designers to produce the collars, pockets and sleeves that are frequently requested as our Australian-made designs are exclusive to Sussanah’s.”

If you have a favourite item of clothing that you can’t find anywhere please phone or visit Di to have a chat.

“We also stock well known brands such as Noble Wild, BayRoad, Ebony (New Zealand), Irelands Eye (Ireland), Ping Ping, Goondiwindi Cotton and Adorne jewellery,” Dianne said.

“We continue our company philosophy with exceptional customer service and endeavour to make every customers shopping experience unique.

“At Sussanah’s we provide a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours and pride ourselves on being able to offer first-class styling for you.”

The website store Sussanahs.com.au allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home 24/7.

Customers who need extra advice about their online purchase should not hesitate to phone 0448 315 364 for assistance.