The beef on collagen and gelatin

March 17, 2016 BY

What do you think about when you hear the word collagen? Nice plump skin maybe.
Well, yes, collagen and gelatin are wonderful for the skin, and they have so many more applications for our bodies.
Collagen is a derivative of gelatin and is an essential building block for tissue.
It’s also incredibly important for the tissue lining our digestive tract.
Every tissue in our body is made out of protein. Our blood-brain barrier is a film of this tissue and it is important in wound repair, inflammation, the list is endless.
Let’s just say that collagen is the business. It is an animal tissue. Supplemental collagen and gelatin are bovine-derived.
As a supplement they are typically taken in powdered form. Until recently, there were no quality Australian-made and produced gelatin or collagen products available.
Gelatin, once heated and cooled, forms a jelly. The best way to take supplemental gelatin is in jellies or added to smoothies, but consume it quickly before it firms up!
Collagen is a little easier to incorporate. It can easily be added to water, smoothies, juice, soups, stews etc. Gelatin and collagen are are the main components of bone broth, which is why they are incredibly healing for the whole body.
Gelatin and collagen are beneficial for leaky gut, auto-immune disease, degenerative joint disease, osteoporosis, poor skin and tissue integrity, low protein diet or difficulty digesting regular protein.
Gelatin is great for kids too! Here is an easy recipe for making gelatin jellies:
250ml Fresh squeezed juice (we use apple, orange, lemon etc) 3 tablespoons of Grat Lakes gelatin 1 tablespoon of local honey Slowly heat all ingredients in a pot on the stove, gently whisking until the gelatin dissolves. Transfer into a jug and fill silicon moulds and refrigerate (you can get great shaped silicon moulds at Kmart for $1). You can purchase gelatin and collagen from the Jan Juc Chiropractic Clinic without a consultation any time.
Bec Winkler is a qualified naturopath with 10 years experience. She works at the Chiropractic Centre, Jan Juc.

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