Unearthing the trails and tracks of Anglesea’s hinterland

November 11, 2021 BY

The Eumeralla Flora Reserve between Torquay and Anglesea, part of the Great Otway National Park, are a number of Jake Millburn, owner of Bike Matters in Torquay, favourite tracks.

SURF Coast Shire is renowned for its famous surf breaks and raw ocean environment, but, as Jake Millburn, owner of Torquay’s Bike Matters says in a new backyard campaign by Explore Surf Coast, “sometimes you just need to look away from the ocean, look to the hills – and just explore”.

The Eumeralla Flora Reserve between Torquay and Anglesea, part of the Great Otway National Park, has several of Jake’s favourite bike tracks and trails criss-crossing the landscape, with the Anglesea Bike Park a meeting point to practise tricks and build skills while meeting other like-minded bike enthusiasts.

“There’s so much varied terrain in the region – people don’t know what they are missing out on if they haven’t explored it,” Jake said. “There’s also so much support in the bike community from guided rides to groups. Cycling is a great family activity and we love bike riding in the Surf Coast.”

Hugging the coastline are also trails perfect for running with spectacular views, wildlife and nature to get lost in. Torquay’s Happy Runner shop is a hub for trail runners, with groups heading out together to explore, keep fit and make friends.

Explore the Surf Coast by taking part in the shire’s many running events like triathlete Adam Conquest.


There are also many running events across the shire to put all the training to good use, such as the 100km Surf Coast Century, Afterglow Twilight Trail Runs, Wonderfalls Trail Run, Lorne Mountain to Surf and The Surf Coast Trail Marathon, as well as a trail running series of events in Anglesea.

“The Surf Coast Shire is a beautiful setting to get in touch with what we need physically, as well as mentally,” champion triathlete Adam Conquest, who was filmed for the series at his favourite Point Addis run, said.

“There’s a great running community – get down here and out in nature – you won’t regret it.”

If riding and running don’t appeal, there are slower ways to enjoy the beautiful Anglesea hinterland by bushwalking to discover hidden trails and world-renowned orchid displays, a drawcard for nature lovers.

Sally White, President of Angair, is encouraging people to enjoy the beautiful Anglesea hinterland by bushwalking. Photos: PETE JAMES


“The secrets of the Surf Coast are down on the ground and everyone has the key – their eyes,” said Sally White from environmental protection group ANGAIR. “All you have to do is look.”

The group holds bird walks on the second Saturday of each month, as well as “nature rambles”, an annual Wildflower Weekend and Art Show, as well as propagating plants and sharing a library of nature and conservation-inspired books.

“Slow down – every walk is different, even on the same path,” Sally said. “Take the time to see the small, delicate things you often miss.”
Find out more secrets of the Surf Coast Shire by watching the series of videos at instagram.com/ExploreSurfCoast.

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