5 Home Design Ideas For A Relaxed Vacation Vibe All Year Round

April 1, 2021 BY

Your home can be the perfect place to have a staycation whenever you want. No matter the season, there are certain tricks you can pull to make your residence feel like a vacation home. It won’t take much to transform it into a space where you’re able to relax and imagine yourself getting away from it all at the same time.

modern chalet interior. 3d rendering design concept


If you’re looking to move or perhaps purchase your first home, it’s a good idea to ask your real estate agent about houses or apartments in a particularly laid-back or peaceful location. But of course, regardless of where you are right now, it’s possible to make a sanctuary out of your residential property. Here are some of the ways you can add more charm to your home for a bright, sunny vibe that will put you at ease every day:

Add Woven Or Wicker Baskets 

Utilizing woven baskets is a practical way to add a bit of texture indoors and outdoors. These are made of natural materials that bring warmth to any room, and they’re a stylish means of keeping your home clean and organized. Their earthy tones look great against concrete, marble, and solid structures.

You can use wicker baskets as they are or place potted plants in them. They come in different shapes and sizes, so they can serve a wide range of purposes. Plain ones with lids can be used to store sheets and other types of beddings since air can pass through them, preventing the accumulation of odors. Woven baskets are especially aesthetically pleasing when placed on top of other furniture with natural materials such as wooden cabinets.

Repaint The Bedroom 

Another way to evoke the feeling of being on vacation at home is to make some changes to your bedroom. Sleep is an essential part of relaxing, and having enough of it will allow you to stay healthy and combat stress.

Paint the walls of your bedroom in soothing tropical colours. Choose from light turquoise, mint, cantaloupe, powder or baby blue, pastel yellow, coral, lime, and tangerine. If you prefer something more exciting, figure out which colours look good together and use them to add permanent tropical vacation vibes to your personal space.

Install An Indoor Swing 

Resorts sometimes have swings in designated areas. These can be out on the porch overlooking the beach or inside a room where you can chill. You can copy that idea and invest in a swing you can attach to the ceiling of any room of your choice, such as a sunroom or the living room.

Turn it into a cozy reading area where you can soak up some sunlight during the day. You can add throw pillows onto the swing as well. Decorate the area around the swing with colours such as teal, yellow, and blue. You can also have a standing lamp for illumination and baskets to store magazines and paperbacks.

Use Textiles For A Soft Look 

Another soothing design idea is to add textiles or fabrics in order to coordinate a room according to the current season. Suede, velvet, cable knits, and throw pillows in the living room can create a relaxing atmosphere. You can acquire such pieces anywhere, and they’re inexpensive, with various designs and colors to choose from.

Fabrics are easy to swap. It doesn’t require a lot of effort to place some around a couch or one on a surface to act as a table runner. Pillows are available in many shapes, and you can arrange them in places such as seating areas for both comfort and visual appeal.

Create A Beach-Style Dining Table 

No matter where your house is, you can bring the beach into your home by setting up your dining table in a different way. If your home is along the coast, this is a perfect design idea to create a peaceful and tranquil place that’ll help you escape the hustle and bustle of life without having to get on a plane.

  • Use beach-style napkin rings to secure striped napkins for a nautical look.
  • Place hurricane candle holders at the center of the table. These are tall glass covers that prevent wind from blowing out the candle flames.
  • Hand-blown drinking glasses with frosted surfaces that resemble natural sea glass give a beachy feel.
  • Add a coastal-colored table runner at the center.
  • Use blue-gray, royal blue, yellow, and sea green plates.


You don’t have to splurge to create a leisurely, heavenly atmosphere in your home. All it takes are creative ideas and resourcefulness to decorate your space the way you want and choose the right pieces that will turn your vision into reality.