Can you borrow money even when you have bad credit? Here are ways to get a loan

October 15, 2020 BY

There are ways to borrow money with a bad credit score. Companies like Jacaranda Finance have developed programs specifically for this type of need.

IF YOU’RE looking for ways to borrow money even with a bad credit score, there’s no reason to worry. These days, it doesn’t quite matter how bad your credit history is. There are several ways for you to access the money you need.

For people who have a really bad credit score, it can seem like the world is against them when they’re trying to get funds for personal reasons. However, it’s not impossible to borrow money even in this situation. Luckily, there are ways to borrow money, but it will require some of your time and effort. Companies like Jacaranda Finance have developed programs specifically for this type of need.

Here are some ways to get a loan even with a low credit score:

  1. Online Lenders

For people with bad credit, online lenders are a great option. Many traditional banks have different requirements for credit; you can apply online to find out if the lender is right for you. You can find many lenders that specialize in bad credit loans.

Some of them offer special rates for people with low credit scores. If you fill out an online application, it can take some time to receive an answer because someone needs to review it before approving you. Online lenders tend to provide much better interest rates and lower service costs, such as processing fees, than regular banks and credit unions, so they’re more accessible.

Take note, however, that you need to verify the legitimacy of the website. It wouldn’t make sense for you to use an unregistered site since this would make you an easy target for identity thieves. It’s prudent to do a background check on the company for your safety.

  1. Credit Unions

Credit unions aren’t your usual lenders; they’re a form of financial cooperatives that provide credit cards and other financial services to their members. These organizations are made up of many individuals with diverse interests, such as real estate investors, retirees, single moms, college students, and others.

This group can provide its members with the most important financial assistance in terms of credit cards, loans, mortgages, auto financing, and many more. In fact, in some credit unions, there are a number of different credit cards that are offered, and the interest rates are all the same.

They’re a good option if you want to borrow money even with bad credit. However, if you haven’t joined an organization, it might take time to sign up with them, which makes it an impractical course of action if you need to loan for an emergency.

  1. Home Equity

Home equity is a combination of all payments that have been made on your house. Usually, this includes any mortgages, home improvements, or loan payments that aren’t paid back. It can also include your personal financial situation.

When you’re looking to get a bad credit loan, it’s important to know how much you want to borrow and how much you’ll be paying back over time. Some lenders will give you more time than others to pay the loan back, but it’s important to keep in mind that you pay less each month, which means that you have less equity in your house to draw from when you make a down payment.

  1. Cash Advances

There are cash advance lenders that specialize in bad credit loans so you can have the money you need, without having to worry about the disbursement of funds. But, this arrangement does come with some limitations and fees, so before you go down this road, make sure that you research your options to find the best setup for your financial situation.

  1. Family Or Friends

If you have bad credit, borrowing money from people you know is also a financial gamble. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to find someone who’ll lend you money if you still have an outstanding debt with some of your family and friends.

In order to avoid a bad credit loan from friends and family, you should only borrow money for your personal expenses. Don’t borrow money for a business. When you borrow money for your business, make sure that you do so from a private lender.


Having a bad credit score isn’t such a financial disaster nowadays since there are numerous lenders who offer loans without looking at your credit history. However, you still need to do your research on the best financial arrangement for you and your situation to ensure that you get the most out of the deal.