Plan ahead - not only for the trip itself but getting to the destination.

Tips for caravanning with kids

November 14, 2019 BY
Tip #1: Decide the size of Camper / Caravan / Pop Top you need
Think long-term! How many trips will you be doing, what amenities do you need and what can you live without? Do you need a shower and toilet built in or will you always camp at spots that have these facilities for you to use, will you need a washing machine? How big does the van need to sleep? Will you have extras to sleep in the van in the future? Your Prestige Jayco Sales Consultant will help you figure all of this out but come in with an idea for us to help you with.
Tip #2: Babyproof / Childproof your van
Just like your home you will need to ensure your kids can’t get anywhere you don’t want them to. As well as waterproofing the bed if they are not yet fully potty trained.
Tip #3: Prepare your kids for a new routine
Kids, especially younger often have specific nap times and meal times which can all be very different when you’re travelling so prepare them before you leave for your trip, ease them into a new routine and get them ready for what it will be like camping, new bed, sometimes different meal times based on activities or think about how you will work activities and traveling around current nap and meals times etc.
Tip #4: Plan ahead
Not only for the trip itself but getting to the destination for example to avoid the ‘are we there yet?’ plan your stops and eating / activities at each of those stops as well as packing games, books etc. for along the way, in saying that; check the weather! As this determines activities, clothing to back and any extras you may need such as sunscreen or winter coats. Get your kids to help with the planning process though, make them feel a part of it. Also planning ahead for yourself with laundry, with kids this can pile up so much sure you’ve got plenty of clothing changes so you’re not using your van washing machine or running to the local laundromat every second day – that could really ruin the holiday!
Tip #5: Educate and Entertain
You don’t want your kids being bored but in addition to making sure you keep them entertained also ensure you educate them on how they should behave at the campsite as to not disturb other guests but also so that they are aware of facilities and safety precautions such as not standing too close to the fire.
Tip #6: First Aid Kit
Make sure you pack a serious First Aid Kit with not only basic first aid equipment but also medicines for all possible scenarios. In addition to this bug spray and creams are a must!
Tip #7: Travel stories
These can be cherished forever! If they are old enough get your kids some notepads so they can write all about their caravanning adventure! Then they can keep these stories and share with friends and family.
Tip #8: Photos
Make sure you take a camera to capture all of the special moments! Maybe you could even get crafty with the kids when you get home and put them into an album or scrapbook! Better yet get the kids their own disposable camera each for them to explore and have fun taking photos.
Tip #9: Pack favourites from home
Toys, snacks, blankets etc. anything to make your kids as comfortable as possible and enjoy the trip!
Tip #10: Pack the pram
If your children are still at this age a pram doubles as a great cot! And you will certainly need if you still want to go out exploring but it’s nap time.