Uganda tours is a new travel business providing guided tours through some of the most remote villages in Africa.

Experience all that Uganda has to offer in an authentic tour

February 6, 2019 BY

WHEN Archie Gubbins began working for the Cotton On Foundation in Mannya, Uganda, he developed an idea that blossomed into a business venture.

His time spent travelling through picturesque scenes in Uganda inspired the birth of an authentic tour company, Uganda tours, providing 12 to 14 days of transport to small groups of up to six people.

“Uganda is a country that is difficult to visit. If you arrive without a plan or a guide, you can’t hire a car at the airport – you need to arrange most of your travel arrangements prior to arrival,” he said.

“Through working in Uganda, I have had the opportunity to develop friendships and can now offer car rental, drivers and suggested places to visit.”

With tours covering local villages only accessible by dirt roads, guests are exposed to what it’s like to live in Uganda.

Friendly tour guide, Dennis, trained in the army before settling down in the town of Entebbe with his family.

Dennis is proud to navigate tourists through his country, which is home to the second largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Victoria, as well as lush forests.

Guests will see where the Cotton On Foundation has built schools, meet local children, learn to cook traditional food, see native animals up close and visit incredible sights along the river banks.

To find out more, email Archie on archiegubbins@ or phone 0402 356 635. Archie’s first tour is in March 2019.