Geelong trio create a new software to assist with global pandemic

January 7, 2021 BY

Former Geelong boy Dave Collard was a long way from home as he began his global business quarantining at his New York City apartment. Photo: Supplied

FORMER Geelong school mates have used the global pandemic to launch several businesses with the latest venture said to take the guesswork out of PPE requirements.

St Joseph’s College Geelong alumni, Dave Collard, Will Kendall and James Fatone, are set to launch RE-OPEN.COM as the newest software solution to assist with combating Covid-19 with the appropriate protection.

RE-OPEN.COM is a worldwide software platform that employs around 20 people as a part of a new global innovation arm in Geelong.

“It means so much to be able to work with my mates on something meaningful while providing employment opportunities for Geelong, it’s a pandemic good news story,” Mr Collard said.

The development of this new project came after the early success of SaniteX, a collaborative business between the men that was inspired by Mr Collard during lockdown in his New York City apartment.

“I worried for my family, so I knew I had to do something to help,” he said.

“I am not a medical professional, but I understand regulation and business so by creating a company that will help secure the PPE supply chain, it was the best way for me to use my skills to protect the people who matter most back home.”

In the beginning the team were producing PPE for Australia, re-usable marks under their 3rd Chapter global apparel company and hand sanitiser under their SaniteX brand.

The products are certified Australian and ethically made products being produced in large quantities to Federal, State and Local Government across the nation.

SaniteX operations has now opened in North America and Europe while continuing to generate capital that is reinvested into the Australian economy.

With their previous success in pandemic safety supplies the team developed an understanding of the issues that organisations and agencies were having with PPE.

The acquired knowledge led to the development of the new software which utilises a form of artificial intelligence to cross check regulations and customer data to suggest the appropriate type and amount of PPE necessary.

Mr Collard believes the new business will ensure people not only get the right PPE, but they will be able to access quality products at a competitive price.

The purpose of RE-OPEN.COM is to assist buildings, schools, arenas and businesses to reopen safely while operating efficiently under Covid-safe regulations.

RE-OPEN.COM is being developed alongside Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (AI21) with their office space located in North Geelong.

“It will see us employ up to 20 people in Geelong in early 2021 and hopefully plenty more as we roll it out in the Northern Hemisphere. The Geelong team are a critical part of our expansion plans as they will service clients right across the globe.”