One of the new LED lights at Howard Harmer Reserve.

Let there be light

March 26, 2020 BY

BARWON Heads Football Netball Club took a major step last week in improving the coverage and efficiency of their lighting.

Howard Harmer Reserve’s existing lights were replaced with LED lights. Not only are these 35 per cent more effective than the previous globes, they are also much brighter.

The next stage of the upgrades will see the netball courts and RT Fuller Oval (Barwon Heads Cricket Club’s home ground) similarly receive new lights.

Barwon Heads Football Netball Club president Tim Goddard said being able to be more efficient with lighting was particularly important considering the growing number of players in the football, netball and cricket clubs.

“Lights are pretty expensive to run, so it’s a very good outcome.

“We’ve got 30 teams all up in footy and netball. So, to have lights on the cricket oval as well is great. It helps with training, helps with oval maintenance, helps with everything, really.”

The club received a $370,000 grant for the new lights in early 2019 as part of the federal government’s Community Sport Infrastructure Grant.

Howard Harmer Reserve was using its lights for more than 40 hours per week on average during the 2018 football season. This is well above the state government’s recommended usage of 20-25 hours to accommodate the large number of people using the ground.

Mr Goddard said it was nice to have some positive news, given recent events.

“There’s no footy and there’s no netball. So, we’re just improving the infrastructure on the outside and waiting to see what happens.”

Late last year, Barwon Heads Football Netball club also reached an agreement with the City of Greater Geelong council, ensuring the club would receive $20,000 per year for the next three years to help with the maintenance of Howard Harmer Reserve.