Torquay Men's Shed members with the possum boxes they have been making for animals affected by the bushfires.

Men’s Shed helping fire-affected animals

February 13, 2020 BY

MEMBERS of the Torquay Men’s Shed have decided to contribute to the Bushfire Relief in a unique way.

They have been constructing boxes and pouches for Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary to assist the different animals whose habitats have perished in the fires.

Woodwork shed manager Brian Burch said with the shed having previously completed projects for Jirrahlinga, they were eager to reach out and see if they could offer help.

“We’ve been making a lot of things for Jirrahlinga over the last few years. After the fires, I thought I’d get in touch and see have they a need because of the fires.”

Jirrahlinga were able to be specific with what was needed for the animals in the bushfire, asking for things such as possum boxes, joey pouch frames and heater boxes for bird and other stressed animals.

The items have been carefully constructed, and in many cases ingeniously designed.

For example, shed members found a way of making the joey pouch frames collapsible, enabling safe and easy storage and transportation.

Materials for these items have also been sourced in various ways.

The shed workers used the plastic matting from beneath printers to help build some of the heater boxes.

Recycling plastic to build these has also helped Jirrahlinga as it is easy for them to sterilise.

Other materials have been provided by Bunnings Torquay, who also pre-cut some of the Marine Ply for the possum boxes.