Newtown plumber helps others while fighting to conquer ‘the beast’

June 20, 2022 BY

Jason Nelson is confident he will come out through on the other side of his AML diagnosis. Photo: SUPPLIED

TACKLING his recent Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) diagnosis head on, Geelong resident Jason Nelson is no doubt a fighter, with his sights set on promoting and speaking on the need to give blood to change lives.

A month ago, the much-loved 51-year-old plumber from Newtown was diagnosed with the rare and aggressive form of leukemia.

However, true to his positive outlook on life, Nelson is in for the long haul and is committed to conquering the disease with the support of his large circle of family and friends.

Despite his diagnosis and having to be in constant care at University Hospital Geelong, the father-of-two and loving husband has not wasted any time, encouraging people from his hospital bed to donate to give life to those in need.

Jase with a new duckbill dinosaur toy which was delivered by his four-year-old nephew from WA. Photo: SUPPLIED


“I’m now a month into my diagnosis and care and at the moment I am defying all odds and am going extremely well,” Jason said.

“I am just as determined as ever to get through and stay mentally strong for my family, my friends and myself.

“There’s so much to live for and whilst it’s a long road, I’m going to get through this period and live a happy and full life.”

The sixth generation Geelong boy said time in the hospital was flying by while he put plenty of effort into getting as many people involved in donating blood as possible through his Lifeblood team ‘Long Live Jase Nelson – Lifeblood Team’.

“Over the pandemic, it became quite hard for people to go and donate, however now is such a good time to get everyone back out there and donating.

“If you roll up your sleeves it would mean so much to me, my family and the many other people around Australia who are fighting blood diseases.

“The feeling that you get from giving blood and donating is something that changes lives.

“You’re essentially giving life, that sort of feeling is like getting a gift for your birthday or Christmas, it’s those sort of endorphins!”

In a 24-hour space, Jason requires four blood transfusions to assist in the fight against the disease and, at the time of speaking last Friday, he was having his eighth transfusion.

To keep his spirits up, images are present on Jason’s hospital ward wall, with his family and friends smiling at him, egging him on to keep up the fight.

Jason has made a picture wall of his family and friends smiling at him so that he stays motivated to overcome his illness. Photo: SUPPLIED


The tradie is also learning guitar from the Barwon Health spiritual care advisors, who work alongside him to support three main areas of care which are meaning, purpose and connection.

The care staff at the hospital has been able to provide the 51-year-old with some much-needed solitude, playing him tunes from his favourite band, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

“I’ve always absolutely loved the Chilli Peppers and feel as if I’m getting a live concert every time we get to jam in the hospital room.

“It also allows me to take my mind off being in hospital and fighting the disease.

“It’s a great relaxant and grounding process by hearing the music I love and then in turn trying to learn some chords,” Nelson said.

Through the Lifeblood page, Jason and his family are encouraging sporting clubs, businesses and as many people as possible to register as a team member and donate blood or plasma as often as they can over the next six months to assist those doing it tough.

Nelson jokingly used the phrase that the 430ml donation of blood is about the size of Guinness beer and that people should all get out, assist, and donate a Guinness.

A Facebook group has been set up in Jason’s honour, with his circle calling for people to post a selfie or video from their donation with a message of support for Jason to win this monumental battle.

When donating, Lifeblood will also provide you with the information as to where your donation of blood has gone.

You can find the Long Live Jase Nelson – Lifeblood Team page at facebook.com/groups/694830698268148.

Alternatively, you can visit Lifeblood to be a lifesaver today, head to lifeblood.com.au.