Part of Lake Connewarre to reopen to duck hunting

May 15, 2019 BY

THE Victorian Government has reopened part of Lake Connewarre near Geelong to duck hunting.

The previously closed area of Lake Connewarre State Game Reserve, known as Hospital Swamps, reopened to duck hunting on Tuesday, as recent monitoring has shown that the large number of critically endangered Curlew Sandpiper previously on the wetland have now left the area.

Game Management Authority CEO Graeme Ford said regularly monitoring Victoria’s wetlands helps to ensure that threatened species are protected and duck hunting remains sustainable.

“Government officials monitor open and closed wetlands throughout the season,” Mr Ford said.

“The hunting status of these wetlands may change if circumstances change.

“Changing hunting times or methods such as prohibiting hunting from boats also helps to ensure that threatened species are better protected, and duck hunting remains sustainable.”

Mr Ford said as always, hunters should be on the lookout for protected species and clearly identify their target before shooting.

“If you are not sure, don’t shoot,” he said.

Victoria’s 2019 duck season closes half an hour after sunset this Sunday May 19.

GMA Game Officers, Victoria Police and other authorised officers from partner agencies will remain active throughout private and public land across the state for the remainder of the season to ensure people act in a safe and responsible manner.

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