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May 16, 2022 BY

Alex Dyson will listen to the people of Wannon and push for real action where it’s needed.

This Election Day, we have a chance to change the landscape of Australian politics.

We can send a message to both major parties that we expect more from our political leaders. We expect leaders who are committed to their communities, and committed to delivering strong, evidence-based policy. We expect leaders who will put integrity over party-room politics.

As your Independent representative for Wannon, Alex Dyson will listen to the people of Wannon and push for real action where it’s needed.

Alex stands for ambitious emissions targets in line with the advice of climate scientists, which means at least halving emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero well before 2050.

He stands for installing a powerful, independent Federal Integrity Commission to expose and tackle systemic corruption in politics, and ensure politicians spend taxpayers’ money where it’s needed, rather than where it benefits them.

He wants to see a National Housing Plan that mobilises all levels of government to address the housing crisis, which means building more homes, investing in regional infrastructure, assisting renters, and steering clear of policies that will further inflate house prices.

He wants equitable health and community support access for rural and regional people, so everyone is able to get the care and support they need.

He stands for holding Australia to higher standards when it comes to our treatment of refugees.

This Saturday, we have the opportunity to push for real action on these issues, and more. Above all, we have the opportunity to elect a representative who is accountable to the people of Wannon, not a political party.

This election, put people first — Vote 1 Alex Dyson, Independent.

For more of Alex’s priorities, head to dyson4wannon.com

To get in touch with our Independent campaign, email [email protected]

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