‘Rass’ immortalised with lasting legacy

August 4, 2022 BY

Geoff 'Rass' Thompstone beside his newly named observation tower. Photo: NATHAN RIVALLAND

THE JAN JUC Surf Life Saving Club have honoured club icon Geoff ‘Rass’ Thompstone for more than 50 years of service by naming an observation tower after the Life Member.

Thompstone, a Life Saving Victoria and Jan Juc SLSC Life Member, had his name etched further into the history books last week and was notably chuffed to be given the accolade by his beloved club.

“It’s truly a wonderful honour that the club have given me, I’m pretty chuffed,” 75-year-old Thompstone said.

“The Jan Juc Surf Life Saving Club is somewhere where everyone volunteers their time and puts in, so it’s a true privilege to be apart of the proud history of this club.

“The commentary around the renaming of the tower has been wonderful and it’s really special to hear how much people have appreciated having me around.”

‘Rass’ has been apart of the club since beginning patrol in 1968. Photo: NATHAN RIVALLAND


Thompstone, who is a current active member of the club, has patrolled the Surf Coast beaches for more than 50 years, commencing duties in 1968.

He has delivered training and assessments for lifesaving awards since 1971 on a local, regional, and state scale and continues to be a Life Saving Victoria assistant training officer for the Surf Coast, a role he has done both informally and formally for 35 years.

Thompstone has undertaken many official committee positions at Jan Juc since coming to the club in his twenties, particularly Secretary (now in his 43rd year) and Clubhouse Manager.

Thompstone has held many positions during his tenure at the surf club. Photo: NATHAN RIVALLAND


He has also unofficially taken the lead on clubhouse and gear maintenance, has been in charge of logging patrol hours and has taken the mantle as the club historian for his long ties to the club.

Former Jan Juc Surf Life Saving Club president, Davina Jackson said she was truly elated that the surf club had provided the special token of appreciation for all that Thompstone had done over his journey.

“He has always mentored people through their life saving journey, no matter if they were male or female or had no skills or plenty of skills.

“He was one of my biggest supporters when I was president in 1992 and when no one believed that I was a female president at the national conference, he backed me in and was right beside me.

“He is all about equality and inclusivity and you need people like that around the club and in the community.

“Rass has and still to this day makes a massive contribution to our club, and we can’t thank him enough.”

Thompstone said he underestimated everyone’s appreciation of his work, alluding to the messages from surf club families and friends being really humbling.

The 75 year old has prided himself on achieving equality and inclusivity at the club. Photo: NATHAN RIVALLAND


“The club has a proud history of people performing outstanding work and to be recognised and receive messages of thanks from people that have just come to the club, to people that have been here for 30 years has been really nice.

“I really underestimated the appreciation people had, it’s really special.”

The Jan Juc Surf Club hope members of the community would continue to be inspired by Thompstone’s work and encouraged everyone view the new Geoff ‘Rass’ Thompstone observation tower at the surf club.’Rass’ has been