Smile-Proof your Summer Holiday

January 9, 2020 BY


There’s plenty to love about going away for summer holidays: sunny days by the pool; walks along the beach; the joy of afternoon barbecues. Probably the furthest thing from your mind is the thought that at some point in your holiday, you may need to find the nearest dentist.
Holiday mishaps happen
Unexpectedly, teeth can chip, root canals can require attention and pain can set in. The good news? Pacific Smiles Dental has a network of dentists at locations right across the east coast of Australia, so it’s convenient for you to visit the dentist, no matter where you are.
The newest addition to the Pacific Smiles Dental family is located in Ocean Grove, on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula.
To help keep  your teeth healthy this summer, follow these three tips:
Avoid snacks that are tough on  your teeth
Of course, sausage sizzles, coleslaw and standard holiday fare is fair game when you’re on holidays, but there are certain foods to politely decline, to keep your teeth in top condition. These include hard lollies, the unpopped kernels in popcorn and over-toasted bread, as hard crusts can end up sending you straight to the dentist. The same goes for junk foods and soft drinks – even crunching the ice at the bottom of your glass can cause issues. Try to avoid white wine, as the high acidity levels can make teeth more susceptible to stains from darker foods
Perfect Your Brushing Routine
You probably already know: brush twice a day, floss, rinse, repeat. But when you hear the stats about dental health in Australia, you’ll want to hope you’re in the minority. According to national dental health statistics, more than 90 per cent of adults have experienced decay in their permanent teeth, with only half of adults brushing their teeth twice a day as recommended.* Take the sage advice from the Australian Dental Association and brush properly to keep your teeth and gums healthy, year-round. For the maximum benefit, brush for at least two minutes. Then rinse, floss, rinse again, and go about your day knowing you’re doing the best possible thing for your oral health. Of course, six-month or yearly dental checkups are key to prevention, ensuring you’re on the right track.
Know your nearest dentist and their services 
No-one plans to holiday and require a filling, but sometimes life is unpredictable – in the most inconvenient way possible. If the unexpected does happen, you’re covered across the holidays by Pacific Smiles Dental.
Like all of our clinics, our new Kingston Village Square location offers a comprehensive range of quality dental services including general, family, cosmetic and child services along with preventive dentistry such as check-ups, cleans and x-rays.
Even better? No gap checkups, available for patients with private health insurance, including scale, clean, fluoride and x-rays, and fixed price check-up for patients without insurance, ensures that paying for your emergency treatment will be an affordable experience ensuring you can spread out your towel, lie back on the sand – and enjoy your holiday as you always intended.
Need to book in for an appointment? Head to www.pacificsmilesdental.com.au to find your nearest centre.

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