The students and staff preparing meals on Frdiay.

Soup for the Salvos: Surf Coast Senior Secondary make meals for those in need

May 14, 2020 BY

SURF Coast Secondary College staff and students threw on their aprons last week to make meals for those in need.

The group of about five students, five staff and one parent helper managed to produce 164 servings of soup on Friday last week, while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Most the meals were given to the Salvation Army for distribution, with some also being given to families of students who are struggling.

The school had been wanting to help the community in some way during the pandemic, and decided while their facilities were not being used making meals was the most efficient and practical way to help.

Peter Gunning and Jacqui Scott co-ordinated efforts, while former chefs Steve Roberston and Simon Gale along with school chaplin James Ashley and some students from the school’s leadership team also helped.

Mr Gunning said he was delighted at the responce to the idea.

“I’ve been so overwhelmed with how people have reacted. It was just an idea, and then seven days later we were pumping out 114 litres of soup.”

College principal Erin Wright said she was similarly impressed with the generosity of the school’s staff.

“The staff had got it all organised and had done an amazing job but didn’t have containers. One of them said ‘let’s ask staff if they’re willing to give us a couple of dollars each as a donation.’ We only needed something like $110 to buy the containers.

“So we asked staff at one of our remote briefings if they were happy to pitch in, and we actually got about $750, which is amazing.”

The school is looking to make more meals for those in need each Friday while circumstances remain as they are. The extra money will then go to buying more food stocks, with any funds left over to be donated to the Salvation Army.

Woolworths and Coles Torquay donated fresh fruit and vegetables to the school for the meals, and have also put donations boxes at their doors for people to donate non-perishable goods.

There is also a box at the school’s office that people can donate to during school hours.

Mr Gunning said he was eager for other students to also have the chance to contribute in the coming weeks.

“On the Friday the students were some of our school leaders. But we’re actually going to have different teams and have students from different programs help out.”