The rise of NO-BS Marketplace and how it’s disrupting the SEO industry

February 27, 2020 BY

Starting a business is easy. Accomplishing success, on the other hand, is hard — very hard — but two brothers from Geelong have managed to turn a small idea of improving a challenging industry into a rapidly growing tech startup that’s primed to push $10 million in 2020.

NO-BS Marketplace is a local Geelong-based business specialising in providing expert link building services which help businesses increase their online authority and improve their SEO strategies.

With its initial start a few years ago, NO-BS Marketplace has since disrupted the SEO industry and the way that legitimate link acquisition is done. And people are starting to take notice, with digital marketing influencers like Ryan Stewart not only working exclusively with NO-BS but also teaching his SEO students to do the same.

How NO-BS is disrupting the SEO industry

This company has grown massively over the last few years and has started to disrupt the SEO industry, and it’s not hard to see why. Let’s give it a quick break down:

#1. 10,000+ verified publishers

Yes, you read that right! NO-BS Marketplace has over 10,000 publishers in their system, all of whom are ready and willing to collaborate with clients in their niches. Not only that, but NO-BS takes it to the next level by actually verifying publishers! What this means is that the company contacts the websites directly to make sure they’re not dealing with brokers or website hackers who upload content illegally without the consent of the website owner. This helps reduce the risk of the advertisement being deleted, which is great for clients who want long-term exposure.

#2. Multiple products available

NO-BS has recently released a new line of products, including product reviews and editorial links that are set to be game-changers. While these are offered by a number of agencies, none can compete with the quality, service or scale at which NO-BS can, and this is why it’s catching people’s attention. These new products will give clients the ability to grow their online authority in more ways by providing more diversity, which is what’s needed in this day and age.

#3. Customised dashboard

To be at the top of an already highly competitive industry, NO-BS Marketplace has strengthened its position by creating its own proprietary technology which is unrivalled by any other business in this space.—and the pros don’t stop there. This technology is not only user-friendly, but it also makes the client’s order process simple, quick, and efficient, which is perfect for those who don’t have time to stick around.

For more information on how the dashboard works, click here.

#4. Ability to review publishers prior to placing an order

Yes, that’s right—unlike other link-building agencies, NO-BS Marketplace allows you to view a number of publishers based on your order details, which are given first when submitting a new campaign.

When speaking with co-founders Aaron and Tristan Gray about why they allow clients to see publishers before they can pay for them, they said:

“When we first ordered links from other agencies, we found it frustrating, to say the least, that we couldn’t see what we were getting until the end result. In the mix of good links we received, we received bad links as well.” –Tristan

“Then one day, we were joking around, saying, we should create our own link-building agency where clients should be allowed to view what they’re getting before they get their links—wouldn’t that be awesome? Then we looked at each other… and the rest is history.” –Aaron

This ability to give clients more control over their orders has seen NO-BS Marketplace grow from $1 million per year to $10 million and counting in a short span of time. This growth, Aaron and Tristan believe, is because they provide 1) The highest quality product; 2) the best customer service; and 3) a safe and legitimate way to acquire links. And they may just be right based on the feedback and testimonials they’ve been given:

The future of NO-BS Marketplace

When asked about the future of NO-BS and where they think it might be headed, Aaron and Tristan shared:

“Great things ahead for NO-BS Marketplace. We’ve only just started this journey. We have some new products being launched and some more ideas still in the pipeline.” –Tristan

“We’re working on creating something that not only helps clients from all around the world, but something they can be proud about. We’re taking NO-BS to that next level link-building service people have been clamoring for.” –Aaron

With many changes planned and many ideas to come, it looks as if NO-BS Marketplace is going to be the game-changer in this demanding and ever-changing world of link building.

Are you ready to take command of your link-building efforts?