This Girl Can Week in full swing

December 3, 2020 BY

Marnie playing cricket. PHOTO: VICHEALTH

City of Greater Geelong is partnering up with the Victorian division of This Girl Can, a powerful campaign designed to promote, encourage, motivate and inspire women to become more active.

Women are encouraged to jump on the website and take part in the campaign.

The campaign was conceptualised in the United Kingdom and is now in its 3rd year in Victoria.

Last year’s Victorian campaign report noted that the program was adopted because studies found Victorian women aren’t sufficiently active with one in 10 women doing zero physical activity during a typical week.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the troubling data collected. The report expanded by noting that while women are aware of the health benefits of being happy, that alone doesn’t create the motivation
to exercise.

VicHealth research in 2016 revealed that fear of judgement was the primary factor stopping women from exercising.

In the study 52% of women worried about judgement and 41% felt the fear of embarrassment was so acute it stopped them exercising.

To reverse this trend, This Girl Can created a platform elevating women who do a range of different sports in honest and vulnerable conversation about their own journey to inspire those who might be considering it.

The website also features exercise videos on their website featuring videos that go for 10 minutes to 30 minutes on everything from core, cycling tips, running drills and Bollywood dance classes.