Torquay Food Aid and Orange Sky team up to help those in need

June 22, 2022 BY

Volunteers are able to assist those in need with using the laundry services. Photo: SUPPLIED

IN A BID to assist those in need in the community, Torquay Food Aid has teamed up with Australia-wide mobile laundry and shower service Orange Sky to provide free laundry services for those living in discomfort in the area.

The Torquay-based voluntary community organisation opened up the new service at its Pimelea Way residence last Wednesday, with volunteers from both Orange Sky and Torquay Food Aid ready to assist those in the community with their laundry needs.

Torquay Food Aid president Michael Buckley is thrilled to be providing the service, citing that it has been a long time coming for them to get the process in place.

“We’ve been looking at doing something in this space for the last few years but the pandemic threw up quite a curveball,” Mr Buckley said.

“We are thrilled that now our partnership with Orange Sky can deliver this for people in need in the area.

“Torquay Food Aid encourage anyone who doesn’t have access to a washing machine and laundry services to come and use the facilities on Wednesday afternoons.

People in the area in need are encouraged to come and use the free service on Wednesdays from 1-3pm at Pimelea Way in Torquay. Photo: SUPPLIED

“It’s a fabulous service that we hope everyone can really get behind in our region.”

Many groups from the area have sung their praises of the program including Torquay Community House and Christian Fellowship Church in Torquay.

The Torquay Food Aid and Orange Sky organisations, through their partnership, are committed to providing connection to anyone experiencing homelessness or doing it tough, and in need of support.

People who need a helping hand are urged to come and use the free service, as well as access food and other resources at the Torquay Food Aid base.

“On top of the laundry services, which we hope kicks off in solid numbers in the future, we encourage people to come and also access food at our facility,” Mr Buckley said.

“Most of the time we have more food than customers, so we want anyone in the area who really needs assistance to come forward and use the resources available to them.

“We just want to be a helping hand in the community.”

You can access the service each Wednesday between 1-3pm.