Torquay Golf Club’s Greg Libbis and Peter Oliver are looking forward to celebrating the club’s centenary. Photo: PETER MARSHALL

Torquay Golf Club prepares to celebrate its centenary

October 10, 2019 BY

HAVING been established in 1920, the Torquay Golf Club will soon celebrate its centenary.

Members gathered in the clubrooms on Friday last week to hear about some of the ambitious plans the club has regarding how it will celebrate the milestone.

This will include the publication of a book that will reflect on the club’s rich history, which will be accompanied by a 39-minute audio-visual presentation.

The club will also be holding a range of events which will pay tribute to some of the club’s most significant members.

Then on October 30, 2020, a gala dinner will be held 100 years to the day since the club’s formation.

Club president Greg Libbis, who is the longest serving president in the club’s history, said the club’s longevity was extraordinary.

“It is a remarkable achievement for this great club to have withstood the many challenges it has faced over the past century and still be able to remain strong, vibrant and successful.

“The Great Depression, World War II, droughts, severe water shortage issues, stringent occupational health and safety legislation, threats of land reclamation from the state government, embezzlement and even the sale of the freehold to the RACV have been unable to curtail our ongoing existence.”

The club was purchased by the RACV in 2008.

Torquay Golf Club used to be on the other side of Spring Creek altogether, existing on the land now occupied by the Torquay Caravan Park until 1924.

The club has grown significantly since then, and now has more than 1,200 members.