Some of the graffiti that was left on Torquay SLSC's clubhouse on the weekend.

Torquay SLSC clubhouse graffitied

March 26, 2020 BY

TORQUAY Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) members arrived at the clubhouse on Saturday to find much of it covered in graffiti.

Much of the clubhouse’s back wall, along with the patrol tower and solar panels, were covered by the graffiti.

Torquay SLSC president Tiffany Quinlan said it was particularly saddening to have it occur during a time when the club is taking extra steps to keep the community safe.

“It’s incredibly disappointing when we’ve got 15 people patrolling the beach when they’re not obligated to, and then we come back to that.”

Ms Quinlan said the response from people had instead shown them the best in the community.

“We’ve got some great offers from some of the community to assist us in terms of donating paint and things like that. So, we’re just exploring options, but out of something terrible we’ve certainly seen some good, that’s for sure.”

Ms Quinlan said people were also interested in doing a working bee, but the existing situation with the coronavirus pandemic does not allow one to be held.

The graffitiing took place between 8.30pm on Friday and 10.30am on Saturday.

People with any knowledge of the incident are asked to contact Torquay police.