A group enjoying one of Mr Lygo's scavenger hunts prior to the coronavirus.

Virtual scavenger hunt returns

May 21, 2020 BY

THE easing of lockdown restrictions has enabled Iain Lygo to re-upload his free virtual scavenger hunt for people in and around Torquay to play.

Mr Lygo’s business Go Scavenger Hunt creates virtual scavenger hunts to provide entertainment for social events and tourists, as wells as team-building exercises businesses.

He designed one for the Surf Coast community that guides people around Torquay and Jan Juc, providing challenges such as answering some local trivia or taking a specific photo at different locations.

The game was intended to be a way for people to have fun and be active during the pandemic. But as restrictions tightened, Mr Lygo decided to take it down to ensure people’s safety.

However the scavenger hunt is now available to play once more.

Mr Lygo said the early feedback on the game was positive.

“I ran a private game for a group just for a group of 10 the other day and all the feedback was positive.

“The software is pretty rock solid, so it all runs smoothly.”

Mr Lygo said one of the changes to the game launched in March is the opportunity for people to make a donation to Headspace at the end of it.

“Mental health is going to be a big ongoing issue. It’s a free game, so if people want to make a $10 donation that would be great.”

The game takes about 80 minutes, and to participate people simply need a phone or a tablet.

People can access the game by downloading the Wildgoose Mobile Adventures app from Google Play or the App Store and then scan the code.

Alternatively, they can head to wildgoose.app.link/hrMWgZXfY4 to go straight to the game.