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May 9, 2019 BY

Dress Your Space is the exclusive stockist for Euro Fireplaces, the future of wood heating.

Dress Your Space showcases the latest in indoor and outdoor furniture, shade solutions, prints, rugs and Euro fireplaces.

European-designed and made, their Euro wood burning fireplaces are the epitome of style and efficiency.

A Euro Fireplace is a natural convection heater. Natural convection is universally accepted as the most efficient wood
heating system, and with correct operation it uses the smallest amount of firewood. More than 85 per cent of wood heaters worldwide use natural convection to circulate heat. Natural convection moves heat throughout your home without the aid of a fan while optional heat bank technology, available on most models, creates long lasting warmth.

In addition to convection, our heaters also release radiant heat from the glass and body of the heater. Radiant heat is sometimes called “the healthy heat”; it acts like the heat from the sun and, like the sun, you need a direct line of sight to feel it, resulting in a feeling of wellbeing.

Heat Bank is unique in Australia to Euro fireplaces. By adding thermal mass in form of a tile or stone finish, or the addition of heat absorbing stones between the inner and outer steel layer of the heater, heat is stored and released slowly in the form of radiant heat as well as prolonged convection.

The principal of Heat Bank comes from the traditional ancient wood heating building of Kachel Oven (Austria), where heaters were built with masonry building materials creating about 1000 kilograms of thermal mass. Like floor heating, the
heater retains warmth for up to 24 hours with minimal wood usage.

Every aspect of the design is geared towards harvesting the most heat from the least wood, resulting in wood savings of up to 60 per cent and low emissions.

So, if you’re interested in upgrading an existing wood heater or installing a new one, why not get a Euro exclusive to Dress Your Space?

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