Bree, Trent and Willow get the best of both worlds with MJS Built

September 12, 2019 BY

Bree, Trent and Willow in their new home. Photos: PETER MARSHALL

Bree Keltie and Trent Horner along with their newborn daughter Willow have found an ideal house to start family life in and an ideal location as well.

Their sleek and spacious Torquay home has been tailored perfectly to their needs.

Bree said that the decision to go with Mick Stanley from MJS Built for their new home build was an easy one.

“We were very confident from just meeting him that he was going to be good, and you can tell now it is good, better than good.”

Bree and Trent are very pleased with their completed house, and they said the build process was smooth.

Trent said Mick’s guidance was a huge help.

“He just made life very easy. He’s very organised,” Trent said.

“He’s got a great eye for detail.”

When they first met with Mick, Bree and Trent didn’t have a specific plan in mind.

But Bree said that with Mick’s guidance they quickly got an idea of what their future house could look like.

“When we went to Mick’s, we spoke about what we needed and what we wanted.”

These discussions resulted in the house’s ingenious design, with it being shaped around their yard so they can see Willow playing outside from anywhere in the house.

A sleek and spacious MJS Built home.

Bree said building with MJS was undoubtedly the right decision for their family.

“We looked at buying an established house but the prices were ridiculous.

“So then we got introduced to Mick and we just thought ‘well we can get a brand new house and we could design what we wanted with Mick as well,’ and it’s a custom build, so you can do whatever you want.”

Moving to Torquay has also been a much-welcomed change for Bree and Trent, having previously lived in Melbourne.

Their move was also helped by them having friends in Torquay who also had young families.

Trent said that in addition to there being great facilities in the area with childcare centres and schools, there’s also a great atmosphere.

“Everyone’s welcoming, and it’s quiet, and we’ve got the beach down the road.”

Bree also says she’s enjoyed escaping the city bustle.

“I listen news and the traffic reports and think ‘I don’t have to put up with that anymore, I’ve got no traffic at all.”

In Torquay, Bree and Trent have exactly the lifestyle they want, and through MJS Built they’ve got their dream house too.