Creating landscapes that blend with surrounding beauty

November 12, 2020 BY

Jess Hendry, owner of Ocean Grove-based landscaping business Jess Hendry Horticulture has been designing and building gardens on the Bellarine since 2018.

The business focuses on creating relaxing outdoor spaces that have a natural feel, and blend in with the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

They provide a wide range of services, including all aspects of landscaping work, carpentry and planting plans. Every project starts with a free consultation and quote, and ends with a beautiful garden created on time and on budget.

“I try hard to find out what every client wants from their outdoor space, and it’s different for everyone,” Jess said. “Some people want a garden that looks after itself, some want to get involved with their garden to be an ongoing project, and some just want to relax and enjoy the view.

After three years in Ocean Grove we’ve built up a great network of trades who we know and trust. So when a project calls for outdoor lighting, outdoor kitchens, or even a pool, we can call on our sparky, plumber, or pool building specialists to get the job done to the same high standards that we maintain, from start to finish.

“It’s such a joy, now that we’ve been operating here on the Bellarine for a few years, that we’ve built up a really solid client base, and we love returning to our previous projects to see how the gardens are developing as the plants establish themselves.

“We look forward to many more years creating everyone’s happy place, in their own back yard.”