Demand for lots in Seachange Estate surge into summer

January 31, 2018 BY

Seachange Estate in St Leonards continues to be the fastest selling estate on the Bellarine with more than 220 lots sold in just over seven months.

According to the developer, Seachange was the second fastest selling estate in the Geelong region (including Armstrong Creek estates) in 2017.

This trend has continued into 2018 with more 40 lots sold in January alone, says selling agent Trevor McManus from Neville Richards Real Estate.

“Demand over the summer has been unprecedented, with some days seeing us sell five blocks before lunchtime,” Mr McManus said.

“Underpinning the demand is the fact that Seachange has attracted many different market segments including retirees, holidaymakers, investors and first and second homebuyers.

“These buyers are attracted to Seachange by its walking distance to the beach, the quality of the estate and the affordable prices.”

Award-winning developer Ross Closter from Urban Land Developments developed the 400 lots in the previous Seachange estate stages in the early 2000s, where houses now routinely sell for $700,000.

“When you compare this to buying a block in the new stages of Seachange for less than $200,000 it’s a no brainer,” Mr Closter said.

The latest stages of Seachange will continue with the palm-tree themes of previous stages, with another 13 huge Canary Island date palms having already been purchased and ready for installation.

More than five acres of wetlands will line the new entry to Seachange, where construction is anticipated to start later this month.

“We plan to develop 270 lots over five stages within the next 12 months, keeping our civil contractors extremely busy,” Mr Closter said.

If you are interested in a block. you had better hurry. Stage 5 was launched a week ago, with 50 per cent now sold.

For more information on Seachange, or phone Neville Richards Real Estate on 5257 1778.

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