Getting out of “live mode” and into “sell mode”, preparing your property for sale

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Selling your home needs to follow this simple formula:


Presentation + Marketing + Price = SOLD!

Which will involve getting out of “Live Mode” and into “Sell Mode”

“Sell mode” comprises of several components, this instalment will touch on the primary component: ‘Presentation’ & how a shift needs to occur in order to maximise sale return.

Rather than having your home in “Live mode” which is currently most suitable for you and your family’s requirements, the current ‘Live mode” may not exactly be desirable for potential purchaser’s when viewing your home.

Getting into ‘Sell Mode” includes some of the following simple steps:

  1. First impressions – Ensure the front of your property creates a good first impression.
  2. Spring Clean – Having a spotless home encourages purchasers to focus on what their new life would be like in the home, rather than the remains of mould in the shower.

If time poor, hiring professional cleaners may be the way to go!

  1. Fresh coat of paint – Your hot pink kitchen may totally be you…  However, opting for neutral tones will appeal to a broader range of buyers.
  2. Brighten Up -If required install brighter light bulbs, Place lamps in corners, Open all blinds – the more natural light the better! Polish stainless-steel surfaces & Clean all floors/tiles.
  3. Remove clutter – Maximise space by removing all unnecessary clutter, if temporary storage is required there are several local options available.
  4. Rearrange and Repurpose – Rethinking the purpose of a room can help buyers visualise how different spaces could be lived in; an interior stylist can assist with this & increase your potential sale return of up to and over 5% of the overall sale amount!

There will be more on the ‘Marketing’ component next time; with an insight into the suggested avenues to best get your property buyer exposure resulting in the highest possible sale return.

If you would like more details on the above, or if you require help with preparing your home for sale – please get in touch, I would love to discuss with you in more detail, until then, take care!

Your local Surf Coast agent – Simon Bogdanov 0422561570 – [email protected].

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