Metricon’s home maintenance ideas for autumn

May 9, 2019 BY

As cooler weather sets in, many of us turn our focus indoors, making sure heaters are working, our homes are insulated, and
any chimneys and fireplaces are cleaned out.

But what often gets neglected is our home’s exterior, which endures the most weathering during the winter months.

Metricon Homes manager regional west Simon Taylor said that during cold regional winters, the last thing people want to be doing is spending time outside doing home maintenance tasks.

“That’s why it’s important to be prepared and do some of them now to avoid potential problems later,” Mr Taylor said.

Metricon’s top three external home maintenance tasks to do in autumn

Fix any unstable fences

Before winter, it’s a good idea to do a quick check of all fences to make sure they are secure and not likely to fall down during heavy rainfall or storms. If you think your fence needs repairing or replacing, discuss this with your neighbour to come to an agreement. Remember to check with your local council if you are unsure of whose responsibility it is to cover any costs involved.

Check any outdoor electrical items
You’ll need to make use of outdoor lights during the darker months, so check that any lights are in good working order. You may also want to check other outdoor electrical items, such as security alarms, barbecues, heat strips, ducted heating units and hot water services.

Make sure to call your local licensed electrician if you need assistance.

Clean your gutters and other rain drainage outlets
Clogged gutters can lead to leaking roofs, cracked foundations and a damaged landscape if left unchecked.

Leave this one to the experts: hire some local roof maintenance professionals to clear out your gutters.

Make sure you book in early as autumn is peak time for roof and gutter cleaning.

If you have ground guttering and grates, don’t overlook these as they’re just as important.

“You might feel like these tasks are low-priority, but to get yourself motivated you can even team up
with friends or neighbours to make a working bee of it.

Ticking off these jobs off before winter hits will make your life so much easier, and make sure that you, and your home, are ready for the change in season.”