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Saving, gaining or organising space

September 12, 2019 BY

Organising the space in your home is Indeco Australia’s speciality whether its gaining space, dividing space up or utilising the space in your home more efficiently.


We do this in three ways:

  1. Room Dividers – to divide up your room spaces to control temperature, reduce noise and create privacy.
  2. Wall Beds – they give you back the floor space you have in a bedroom
  3. Walk in Wardrobes – this helps you organise your clothes and apparel and maximise the usage of space you have.

It’s amazing how you can change your home by looking at the space you have and using it more effectively.

Indeco Australia’s room dividers and walk-in wardrobes are custom made and come in a variety of finishes to suit your decor.

This is also the case with the wall bed surrounds that can be finished to suit your existing look.

Our room dividers are often used to create extra rooms or divide rooms in half and can be quite large. No bottom track is used so there is nothing to trip over.

The wall beds come in all the different sizes and you can have bookcases either side.

Your walk-in wardrobes will be designed to accommodate your every need and we have all sorts of accessories such as baskets, shoe shelves and carousels and hanging options that will help with storing your clothes.

This is the perfect time to rethink the space in your home. Call Leigh Robinson from Indeco Australia today on 0412 525 137.