June 13, 2019 BY

Experienced vendors usually know exactly what kind of advertising they want for their property while others, especially those who have never sold a property before, are unsure about how the whole process works.

“It’s hard for people to know whether they are getting good advice about the marketing of their property,” Bellarine Property managing director Christian Bartley said.

“There are agents out there pushing advertising vehicles that sound good to the lay person even though statistics showing where purchasers come from don’t actually support them.

“Prospective vendors should beware of advertising that is little more than poorly disguised promotion for the agent’s own group or network.”

Mr Bartley said that the way to clear all the confusion is to make sure your agent has done bona fide local research.

“Although most statistics Australia wide indicate that purchasers come from three main sources, you need to know which three sources are the most important in your own area and current market.

“Advertising doesn’t necessarily need to be glossy or expensive – it needs to know where the purchasers are looking for houses to buy.

“Vendors have only to put themselves in purchasers’ shoes to really understand the processes at work.

“Firstly, purchasers rarely buy from a distance. Most research begins by jumping online or they start by arranging for local papers to be sent to them.

“They visit the town or suburb and drive around the streets to get a feel for the area and look at what’s for sale from the outside.”

According to Mr Bartley, many glossy national and state-wide publications, especially monthly ones, have advertising deadlines well before the release date and they find it hard to keep pace with what’s currently available.

“Make sure you are advertising where the bulk of the purchasers are looking and where the sales are occurring.

“Whatever the three major sources for the purchasers in your chosen area you will find that they are likely to be local sources, not national ones. Even purchasers moving interstate see local advertising as more likely to be up-todate.”

It is the length agents will go to in their service for and communication with buyers that will make a major difference on the sale outcome of your home being sold.

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