Tour display homes from the comfort of your couch

April 23, 2020 BY

If you’re unable to view one of Hotondo Homes in Ocean Grove’s three stunning display homes in person, you can still view them online!

Local builders Aaron Anstis and Andrew Hopper know it’s not always easy for new home buyers to view a floor plan online and imagine what their dream home will look like.
“That’s the best thing about our 3DExplore tool on our website. People can ‘walk-through’ our properties with just the click of a button, and they can even do it from the comfort of their couch,” Aaron said.
“This function also allows our clients to experience the quality, craftsmanship and design of our display homes for themselves,” Andrew said.
The innovative feature is just one of many helpful tools on the Hotondo Homes website.
You can also use the Home Navigator function, which helps you find the perfect home in less than two minutes.
“You can take a short online quiz by answering a few simple questions to
help define the needs of your family, you’ll then be presented with the designs that cater for your requirements,”
Aaron said.
“We’ve also got something for first home buyers which can help take the pressure off. We know it can be an incredibly exciting time, but it’s also quite stressful,” Andrew said.
Virtual Retreat provides a much-needed service for those ready to take their first steps into the property market, allowing them to take a 3D tour of any design within the Retreat range, even if they haven’t yet been built.
The technology means clients don’t just have to imagine what their new home will look like it; they can experience it.
“Virtual Retreat helps people through that initial struggle and allows them to determine what it is they need and want in their first home,” Andrew said.
With more than 90 flexible floor plans available, the team at Hotondo Homes in Ocean Grove can help find the right home for you.
For more information and to start your dream home journey, phone Richard Barton on 0433 220 998 or Nick Ford on 0407 731 512.
To find out more about the innovative technology, and to take a tour of one of our display homes, head to the website at