May 30, 2019 BY

Bureau of Statistics figures confirm that about two thirds of Australians own their homes.

“Home ownership is popular for all sorts of reasons,” Bellarine Property managing director Christian Bartley said.

“For a start, what other form of investment provides the investor with one of life’s basic needs: shelter, and an investment they can make use of twenty-four hours a day indefinitely?”

Mr Bartley said that ownership offers emotional as well as financial benefits, all of which can be summed up in the concept self-determination.

“People can plan ahead with greater certainty because the landlord’s input doesn’t have to be factored into the decision making equation.

“The resulting mindset of independence promotes family stability and cohesiveness. Families know their home and everything it stands for will be there unless they decide otherwise.”

Mr Bartley said that the owned home becomes an outlet for individual creativity.

“There is no need to consult a third party about changes to either structure or décor (other than complying with council regulations) and changes are an expression of individual or family personality or skills.

“From a financial point of view, improvements increase the value to the owner rather than providing an opportunity for a landlord to increase rent once the lease expires.”

According Mr Bartley, home loan repayments are a form of forced saving, contributing to greater financial independence.

“Repayments and capital growth increase the home owner’s equity and net wealth.

“Furthermore, home owners feel good about the fact that as they create their own financial growth and security, they also contribute to growth on the macro-economic scale.

“The need for government expenditure on accommodation decreases, thereby reducing the individual tax burden and/or freeing taxation monies to be directed to areas of greatest need.”

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