7 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday in Style

June 24, 2022 BY

Every birthday deserves to be celebrated, even if it’s just a simple movie night with your family or breakfast in bed. However, milestone birthdays deserve something a little bit extra special, and there’s no reason why you can’t go all out and mark the occasion with an activity or event you’ll remember forever. If your birthday is fast-approaching, it’s time to create a plan. Don’t let the day pass you by without considering at least one of these fun birthday activity ideas. 

A Wine Tour

It’s often hard to find the time to catch up with friends and family, but a wine tour with Tastes of the Hunter Wine Tours to celebrate your birthday might be the perfect opportunity to reunite with those you love. 

Wine tours can be customised to suit your unique preferences, which is bound to be a desirable advantage for those who want to plan their birthday activities themselves. You might decide to opt for wine tasting and a bought lunch or cider tasting with a wholesome pub-style meal to follow. The choice is yours, and you can even enjoy hassle-free transport courtesy of a bus to pick you up from your preferred location in Hunter Valley, the Central Coast, or Sydney.

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An Adventure Activity

For many people, being another year older can be a daunting prospect. You might realise that you haven’t yet ticked as many things off your to-do list as you might have hoped. Use your birthday as an opportunity to do just that. Go bungee jumping, skydiving, jet boating, or something equally exciting. Make the most of this special day by creating memories you’ll cherish for years to come. 

A Weekend Away

Life gets busy, and you can find yourself so caught up in the daily grind that you forget about taking time for yourself. With a birthday fast approaching, consider booking a weekend away somewhere you’ve never been before with your significant other or friends. 

You can spend your weekend doing anything you please, such as tourist activities, reading a book by a lake, or simply lounging around a holiday home, enjoying the peace and serenity with your spouse without the kids. 

A Themed Party

Some people prefer quiet and low-key birthday celebrations, but you might wish to spend your special day doing something fun and out of the ordinary, such as hosting a themed party for your friends and family to attend. 

Themed parties can require pre-planning, but that hard work can all pay off when you’re able to dance the night away in the company of your nearest and dearest. In the lead-up to the big day, start writing a list of guests and iron out the details for a venue, a theme, food, and entertainment. You can then be ready to host your special birthday event that guests won’t be in a hurry to forget. 

An Outdoor Movie Night

If the idea of a large party doesn’t appeal, but you still want to celebrate your birthday with people you love, consider something unique like an outdoor movie night. Many businesses hire projectors for events, and all you need to do is place chairs, bean bags, or mattresses outside, line up your favourite movies, and organise blankets, food, and beverages. An outdoor movie night is an ideal summer entertainment option that doesn’t require a significant budget but can keep your guests entertained for hours. 

Dinner at a Restaurant

While you might like to treat yourself and your loved ones to a wine tour, themed party, or a weekend away, a simple dinner at a restaurant might also be an ideal way to celebrate a special milestone birthday. 

Australia has no shortage of highly regarded restaurants offering delicious cuisine, and very little planning is required to make it a night to remember. You simply need to consider who you’d like to share dinner with, make a reservation, and turn up.  

A Beach Trip

There are almost 12,000 beaches in Australia spanning the 60,000km coastline, and many of them are popular tourist destinations at all times of the year. If you rarely have the time to explore your local beaches or those further afield, use your birthday as an opportunity to do just that. 

Pack a picnic lunch and your swimwear, and gather the family for a memorable adventure. You can spend the day walking along the sand, taking a dip in the water, and enjoying the sunshine without thinking about life’s everyday demands for a short while. 

Celebrating your birthday in style doesn’t have to be a stressful and overwhelming activity. When your next milestone birthday rolls around, you can enjoy any of these activities above with a small amount of planning. 

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