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June 14, 2024 BY

Everyone is welcome at Village Wellness Torquay, with a range of classes on offer. Photo: SUPPLIED

In the buzz of the growing West Coast Business Park lies a gem for those seeking holistic wellness and a nurturing fitness community – Village Wellness Torquay.

Nestled on Cylinders Drive, Village Wellness isn’t just a boutique yoga, Pilates and fitness studio; it’s a sanctuary where individuals of all ages and stages of life meet to nurture their bodies, minds, and spirits.

At the core of Village Wellness’s success are exceptional instructors and small class sizes. With decades of collective experience and a passion for their craft, these instructors bring a level of expertise and dedication that sets the Village apart.

The Village isn’t just about the physical practice; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity.

From pregnancy to seniors, everyone is welcome. The studio is humming with laughter during over 50’s and 60’s classes in the mornings, and then calm and grounding for yoga sessions in the evenings.

With free community classes monthly and regular wellness events – the Village has a vibrant community spirit.

What truly sets Village Wellness apart, however, is its commitment to personalised care for its members. Recognising that everyone’s wellness journey is unique, the Village offers tailored guidance and support to help individuals reach their goals. Whether it’s private one on one sessions to alleviate pain, small group classes with a fun, community vibe or practitioner appointments – the Village team goes above and beyond to ensure every member feels seen, heard, and supported.

Village Wellness is proud to announce its new strength studio, including dedicated classes for women’s strength.

“With so many women in the community learning the importance of strength training to maintain bone density, muscle mass and an active lifestyle as they age, we wanted to create a safe, homely environment for women in all stages of life to either start or build upon their strength journey,” founding director

Talia said.

“We are trying to remove the ‘fear’ so many women have around strength training and show them how fun it can be when they’re supported.

“The response from our members has been incredible, they are feeling better than ever before.”

Designed to empower and inspire, these classes combine elements of traditional strength training with a mindful approach to movement, helping women build not only physical strength but also confidence and resilience.

Led by experienced female instructors who understand the unique needs and challenges facing women, these classes provide a safe and supportive space for women to thrive and live their best life.

With flexible memberships, excellent value and plenty of variety on offer, join the community and start feeling great now.

Sign up to any six-month membership before June 30 and receive two weeks free.

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