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November 6, 2020 BY

Waterproof Awareness founder Byron Landeryou has a company dedicated to improving the construction industry.

Waterproof Awareness founder Byron Landeryou has a company dedicated to improving the construction industry.

He links education with the industry, contractors with builders, and provides general awareness about the many scenarios that can cause membrane failure.

He has taught waterproofing over the past six years to more than 1,000 students, developing all waterproofing courses based on recent industry trends and issues and lining up compliance to the NCC 2019 and relevant Australian Standards.

Waterproof Awareness provides face to face or online training, education, process and system reviews for building professionals.

“We are currently assisting the Victorian Building Authority, Master Builders of Victoria and South Australia with their waterproofing programs in internal, external and below ground waterproofing in both the commercial and residential sectors,” Mr Landeryou said.

Byron Landeryou links education with the industry and contractors with builders.

“All of our courses are primarily designed to educate builders and industry professional to equip themselves with more awareness of the complexities with the waterproofing industry.”

With 20 years’ experience in the construction industry as a wall and floor tiler, construction waterproofing sub-contractor, and training the construction industry in all sectors from compliance to design and installation, Mr Landeryou has a solid knowledge base to inform industry and help try to minimise the risk of failure to all parties involved.

Check out the Waterproof Awareness webinar series on Eventbrite, developed by industry experts with the goal of improving the construction industry.

“Recently moving back down to the Surf Coast, we look forward to assisting you develop strategies for long-term success,” Mr Landeryou said.
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