Euan Kennedy clinches fourth state title

April 29, 2021 BY

Euan Kennedy shows off his latest title with trainer Ashley Lynch.

TORQUAY boxer Euan Kennedy has fought his way to his fourth state championship.

The Torquay Coastal Boxing and Fitness member headed to Lilydale on Saturday for the title fight in the Victorian Amateur Boxing League.

Coach Ashley Lynch said Kennedy should be congratulated for the “tough, close fight”, which came down to a split decision after four rounds.

“Not only that but he was in the middleweight division this time,” Lynch said.

“Euan is junior middleweight so the other guy was heavier – he’d had seven kickboxing fights, four MMA fights and six boxing fights, so being a purist we thought we’d outbox him anyway and it worked, of course.

“Euan copped some heavy blows but stuck to the game plan and picked him off like a sniper with stabs to the body centre and head.”

Lynch said he was personally most happy about the match being ended by “a fair decision”.

“There was another strategy in play here, and that also worked,” he said.

“Big thanks to all Euan’s sparring partners, and the cornerman who made the train trip up with us, Lochie Elms, who did a great job.”