Euan Kennedy and Cameron Ross fight it out at the Essendon bout.

Local boxers fight it out

May 9, 2019 BY

Congratulations Euan Kennedy on a superb performance win by 3rd round KO at the Ukranian Club in Essendon.

He showed good long-range strategy, perfect timing, and precise punching that saw his senior opponent Cameron Ross, an experienced kick boxer, hit the deck three times, the third time unable to continue.

Amy Turner lost her brutal fight, after the referee made a mistake where he allowed Amy’s opponent Terry Dino to punch Amy not once, not twice, but three times after the ref said “break”.

Clearly, she should have been disqualified, but the ref only gave her a warning after the third time, bad form on the ref’s behalf.

When I had a discussion about it with the ref after the fight, he apologised and agreed, but that was a bit late now.

So that was Amy’ 1st loss, but she was a great sport about it and learnt what to do for next time.

Thanks to all sparring partners including Adam Natoli, Jason Griffin, Mark Boddington, Paddy Fitzgerald, Joe Taylor, Saskia Leahy, Cole Fox and Phoebe Fitzgerald.

Next fight night is in Lillydale May 18 with the Torquay Titles just after that.