My Big Catch May 14

May 14, 2020 BY

Kenny caught this metre-long mulloway on a Surf Coast beach using a pippy as bait.

ON MONDAY at 11am, Labor Premier Daniel Andrews finally made the announcement that all recreational fishers had been waiting to hear.
What you need to know for now
Restrictions have now been lifted as far as your ability to be able to go out and wet a line.
Social distancing restrictions are still in place.
Restrictions still apply to the number of people that can attend any event with no more than 10 people that can gather at an event.
Mr Andrews says there are no distance limits on how far people can travel, but with no overnight stays allowed, people should not be travelling too far.
Camping is not currently allowed.
Mr Andrews is quoted as saying: “Activities, recreational activities, whether it be hiking fishing, playing golf, going for a walk, or kicking a footy – no more than 10 and there will be obviously physical distancing and hygiene arrangements and common sense required.”
Obviously, we await more clarification but for now this is what we have been advised.
What do your local fishing clubs think about this?
Anglesea Angling Club
Committee member John McKenzie says “I believe it’s a great thing for one and its great that people can get out of their houses and enjoy the outdoors”.
“Anglers need to respect the call on social distancing, so we can continue to fish , anglers need to keep their distances and numbers out in a boat to that required under social distancing laws. As far as our club is concerned, we hope to be able to restart competitions under appropriate social distancing regulations, at this stage though the club rooms will not be open to our members due to the current restrictions.”
Lorne Aquatic and Fishing Club
Commodore of the club Keith Miller welcomes the fact “we can go back to fishing and advises everyone to follow the social distancing rules and use your common sense”.
“As far as the club is concerned, we do not envisage the club will reopen at this stage under these current restrictions, we will provide further information as it becomes available.”
Torquay Angling Club
Commodore Robert Earl says: “I am happy that the government has lifted the restrictions and I see it as a start with a more common-sense approach then previously applied.
As far as the club is concerned under the current set of regulations especially as a licensed premise the club at this stage it will remain closed until further information is available”.
St Leonard’s Angling Club and Bellarine Pirates Angling Club
Secretary Phil Walters says: “I welcome the lifting and I hope that fishers abide by the new rules and do not stuff it up for the rest of us by not obeying those rules.”
As far as our club is concerned, we will restart competitions in line with the social distancing requirements, but indoor meetings will still be postponed, and clubroom will remain closed for now.”
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Fishing Reports
Fishing reports hopefully coming soon!
Restrictions on recreational fishing across Victoria have now been lifted.
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